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Desi Ghee (1Kg)


Cow and buffalo all types pure and top best quality desi ghee

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Meezan Herbal now provides Organic Butter Based Desi Ghee all over Pakistan at your doorstep. The best and refined Organic Desi Ghee in Pakistan pure and natural made from OrganicPureFresh Butter.

Organic Desi Ghee (clarified butter) is a staple item in a Pakistani kitchen. We all know how great food can taste when cooked in ghee. Now you can say NO to all processed ghee’s in the market and enjoy ghee in a healthier way. Yes the Organic & Natural way!

Meezan Herbal Desi Ghee is prepared by cooking organic butter on medium to low flame. As the butter melts and simmers for a while, it comes to its boiling point. After, which the skimming impurities and whey from milk surfaces on top and is removed.  The remaining clear and high quality ghee is sorted and strained from the residue.

Spices and herbs can be added to organic ghee to add flavor and an added richness.

Desi Ghee is rooted in our culture and used for cooking of meals, preparation of mithai and parathas. Meezan Herbal follows age-old traditional methods of making rich and flavourful Desi Ghee from pure and wholesome milk. With Meezan Herbal’s Desi Ghee you get the goodness and nourishment of milk and the delicious taste that defines our cuisine.



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